I like to think Thailand was where it began. It was our first introduction to backpacking abroad and a good introduction it was. We had planned most of the itinerary beforehand as we only had just over two weeks to explore Thailand. We aimed to fit in enough as possible without jumping from city to city so we could get a good feel to where we were staying.

The main locations we visited were:

  • Bangkok
  • Ayutthaya
  • Chiang Mai
  • Phuket
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Krabi

Below you’ll find a brief description on what we encountered in each place and our most and least favourite parts of Thailand.


Koh Phi Phi



Honestly, we never spend enough time in Krabi, it was more of a stop point between the islands and getting back to Bangkok. We only spent one night here so could never really explore Krabi. During the day we walked around the local town area and a long the river. There were many tour operators offering to take us up the river to different view points, however we politely declined. During the evening we went to a night market which was full of amazing different foods to try and a stage full of entertainment. We perched for the evening and let the local talent amuse us.

If we could go back we’d go to:

  1. Railay Beach – Beautiful scenic beach all with lagoons, caves, limestone rock and white sand (or so I’m told) which can be accessed from a small boat from Krabi town and numerous other places
  2. Rock Climbing – Most tours operate from Railay Beach but offer lots of opportunity to learn to rock climb or develop your skills



Our Top Tips For Thailand

1) Bring a map – We got caught out in Bangkok, we didn’t have a map and thought we could be budget saving backpackers by not using local transport and traipsing round the city. Lucky for us! A local school teacher saw our blank faces and took us on a tour of the city by paying for us to see some of the monuments only the locals go. Today was our lucky day as he also showed us the way back to our hostel!

2) Beware of the monkeys – They aren’t all the seem! One morning, on leaving our treehouse in Koh Phi Phi, we opened our door to a monkey. Mike’s first instinct ‘QUICK, grab the washing!’, which had me in hysterics!  The monkey’s are notorious for not only stealing the laundry but other valuable items too. After retrieving the washing, we made our way down the stairs to find the monkeys were following us. We walked faster, they walked faster. Lesson learnt not to run because they just chase you! One local gave us the tip of pointing at the monkey to deter it. We now know for next time. 

3) Ping Pong Show – It is not all it seems! Let’s just say that you don’t go to a ping pong show hoping to see a table tennis match!

4) Haggle for a deal – You’re a tourist. They know you are a tourist. Those prices are going to be bumped up just for you! We all know half of us out there are budget travellers, so we all should know that those prices can be haggled to a more reasonable price. 


Below is a collection of video and photos of our time in Thailand, mostly taken on Belle’s Go Pro 5. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your own Thailand trip, enjoy!



Our Travel Route (Zoom in to have a look where we backpacked around Thailand)

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