After a busy past few weeks, by the time we reached Paraty we just wanted to relax and watch the world go by. We unpacked our bags and set about making ourselves comfortable on the new hammock chairs (Yes, seats like hammocks!!), we were in chair heaven.

They say Paraty is a picturesque town, full of cobbled streets and located along the shoreline. It didn’t disappoint! After the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro and the non-stop trekking in Ilha Grande, it was time to kick off our shoes and just chill.

How we got to Paraty

They said it will be easy. Just step off the ferry and you’ll find the bus that will take you to Paraty. Are we the only travellers who could not follow these instructions!? So we stepped off the local ferry that costs R17 by the way, price has risen (according to previous prices from travel blogs). As we followed everyone down the road, we found ourselves in the town of Angra Dos Rois. There are many bus stops all in a line, from what I believe our Colitour bus is situated further along the shore line a little walk a way. Looking puzzled we perched at a bus stop with a destination that sounded similar to where we wanted to be heading. We were approached by a local who brought out his google translate on his phone and quizzed us about where we were heading. Apparently we just attract kindness of locals. He advised us that we shouldn’t be walking around the town as it is dangerous due to the gang wars and all the drug problems. He told us he was heading our direction, he seemed legit so we followed him on to the local bus. 1 local bus, 1 transfer onto the Colitour bus, we made it to Paraty! SUCCESS.

Expenditure: R3.5 each for local bus + R6.5 each for Colitour bus

Boat Tours

Paraty pier is lined with many multi-coloured boats all offering similar tours to various beach destinations. We decided to book a tour with our hostel, we were persuaded with the free caipirinha cocktails offered all day. It was a perfect day to set sail to the surrounding islands and explore other beaches. Our tour cost us R75 each, which seemed reasonable. Definitely a must if your in the area!

Samba Mondays

Yes! Samba Mondays is actually a thing in Paraty! Every Monday in the local town centre they have a samba band playing with various people selling alcohol and treats. And don’t worry if its set to rain, they move under the nearby trees! Samba Monday’s are definitely full of fun and laughter and not forgetting the amazing samba dancing exhibited by the locals. Nothing can stop this little town from having a good time!

Paraty – A quaint little town, where the cobbled streets are laden with boutique shops, the pier filled with vibrant boats and local spirit comes alive with samba music


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