Iguazu Falls

One of the main highlight’s of South America is visiting Iguazu Falls, its centre located between two countries, Argentina and Brazil. It is one of the largest waterfall systems in the world, containing 275 water drops which span over 2.7km.

Which side?

We did both!

The Brazilian Side:

We chose to visit the Brazilian side first, travelling from Sao Paulo it just made sense. We stayed in an amazing hostel called Bambu in Foz do Iguacu, such a nice vibe and had a swimming pool, ping pong table, pool table and tight rope! I have rubbish balance so the tight rope didn’t fare well, but Mike managed to walk it many times! From the bust stop you can either get a bus or taxi to the centre of town, we chose to walk and see the sights on the way (approx. 20min walk).

The Brazilian side of the falls was amazing! It showed you a panoramic view of most of the waterfalls so you could see it in its entirety. Although be it a short trail, there are various viewpoints to stop at. And lets not forget the coatis’! The mischievous little racoon like animals that roam the trail trying their luck at getting into your backpacks. We saw a lady’s  plastic bag containing her lunch get devoured by the little cute animals! They are definitely more playful than the Argentinian Coati, who are a lot more laid back and chilled.

Bus to Falls – R3.55 each way 

Entrance to Falls – R63.60 each 

The photo was taken from a Go Pro video during our walk into the Devil’s Throat. It was a lot harder to video than I thought. I had to cover the camera lens with my top to prevent the screen from becoming covered in water droplets. I managed to capture the photograph before the camera and us got drenched. Definitely worth the experience to feel the ferocity of the falls (if needed you can purchase ponchos!).

The Argentinian side:

From what we heard, if we thought the Brazilian side was impressive the Argentinian side was going to be even better! With the Argentinian side making up 80% of the fall drops we were definitely in for a good time. This side of the park contained 3 main trails that took you to different points of the waterfall. If your not up to walking to the view points, there is a train you can take (most people took the train!). As we had most of the day at the park we decided to walk all three trails and take in the nature and landscapes around us.

Bus – ARS 170 each for both ways

Entrance – ARS 600 each

Wildlife we saw:

  • Coati
  • Butterflies – they are everywhere!
  • Lizards – big and small
  • Tarantula – Mike nearly stepped on it in flip flops!

Yes! We saw a Tarantula in the wild! Minding it’s own business. I thought it was so cool, Mike on the other hand ran a mile!

If your visiting the falls, I’d visit both sides. If you don’t want to stay across the border it is so easy to do a day trip to either side

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