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I’m currently sat in a café on a ferry at St Peter Port, Guernsey. For those of you that don’t know, the Channel Islands. We are just waiting for the boat to embark onto our destination, Jersey! The guinea pigs (piglets) are in the car, with any luck sleeping however I think that is wishful thinking, more like gnawing anything they can get their hands on. They had the comfort of listening to my melodic singing voice, I like to think X Factor worthy finalist on the road trip down to Portsmouth. I’m not sure what’s worse, the move or my singing voice. I’m sure if they could speak they’d let you know. My phone currently thinks that we are in France, there was me thinking we were an hour ahead on our journey. But no, just the automatic time zone change that CLEARLY isn’t working.

So.. I’ve handed my notice in at work. It wasn’t a shock really since everyone has known I was leaving to go travelling. By now, they are probably all fed up with all the chat. I do work with a bunch of lovely colleagues, but there are a lot of us all on rotating shift patterns, so you can imagine the same topic of conversation comes up a lot! I’ll be sad to go, I’ve spent the last 7 years training and working as a midwife, in that time lots of people have come and go. And now, I’m the one going! Crazy! But they won’t get rid of me that easy as I plan to return as soon as the funds run out! HA! That’s if they let me come back! Fingers and toes crossed!

It almost seems final now, handing over the envelope containing my resignation I was thinking, well there’s no going back now. That’s it! Done deal. Gone. Although I’m sure the resignation could be retracted, but that thought didn’t even cross my mind! Onwards and upwards as they say. A few loose ends to tie up, like the pension. Who knew it would be so easy! One little phone call and everything just made sense. Then there is my insurance cover (the joys of working as a health practitioner) just in case I’m called up to court whilst I’m away, better to be safe than sorry. And not forgetting the fee that I have to pay to actually practice as a midwife, yes you have to pay to do my job! Be it only £120, but still. The whole cancel all my standing orders went out the window..

‘oh the adult life!’ 

There are so many little things to organise before we leave that are flying round my head right now. These thoughts I should really jot down on a list, make my life so much easier! For a structured list of the countdown to backpacking, head over to my page 50 days to go. You will get less of this rambling and more helpful content to help you plan your trip abroad.

On that note, bon voyage. I’m going to sit back and relax for the next 2 hours, hopefully not throw up from the motion sickness and arrive in one piece.

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