Hi, my name is Annabelle and this is my travel partner in crime Mike (a.k.a the boyfriend). We are both in our twenties, him the latter part (I never let him forget it). We wanted to take time out of “life” as such and start “living”, if that isn’t cliché enough. We made a decision to leave our jobs, well Mike with a little more persuasion. Basically I took a deal and it went like this :


‘It had always been my dream to go off and travel the world. I had been asking Mike for months if we could travel together, due to his commitments, I had settled on trips abroad during the little annual leave we had together.  UNTIL, one night, we were driving back from the arcades/cinema and he said he would come with me. However there was ONE condition. I had to marry him when we get back. This wasn’t a marriage proposal, but a travel proposal… I ecstatically accepted the offer.’


So we knuckled down and started saving for the big trip. We had a goal date of March/April 2018. A date where we would take off and leave working life. This gave us enough time to save and for myself enough time to complete my orthodontic treatment so I could embark on this adventure with the biggest grin!

Update: Flights are booked!

21st April 2018

I plan to keep you all updated on our travels, the good, the bad and the ugly!



The map below shows you are rough guide of where we are starting our travels and where we plan to go to. I’m sure this map isn’t set in stone and that along the way we find ourselves exploring countries we never even thought of going to!